Gifts for an Art Lover

Gifts for an Art Lover

Are you looking to gift your loved ones something a little different this year?  Maybe there’s someone in your life who’s love language is touch, or what I like to call a “toucher of things!”.  You know what I mean, they like to feel if something is soft, hard, smooth, rough, they have this burning desire to find out what something feels like!

Well gifting a piece of Textile Art could turn out to be the perfect gift!

The Perfect Palmfuls of Joy

Small gifts that pack a punch!



The Wearables

Art to Wear, Artwear, wearable art…different terms, but they all mean the same thing - clothing that is limited edition, handmade and is essentially a piece of art that you wear…literally.

Enter Art Scarves - handwoven scarves, full of colour, texture and perfectly imperfect sections, combining in a beautiful investment fashion accessory.



 The Bold Statement

Woven Wall Hangings - big, bold statements that will turn any wall into a focal point!



 The Creative Gifts

For the doers, those who like to learn a new craft or looking for an alternative to TV (lets face it, because of all these acting strikes, good TV is not going to happen this Winter!)



And Last (but not least)

Why not make 2023 the year you take a step away from fast, mass produced gifts?  Why not make it the year you buy less, buy handmade and buy local?  Who know, you might find it makes for a more gratifying gifting experience!
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